Russell August Stanziale - Singer, Songerwriter - Atlanta, GA
Russ Stanziale at Rearview Record Company, Atlanta, GA
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Lyrics for "Curious Girls"

Verse 1
They parked beneath the pines
Where they were sure that no one was around
He turned the headlights off
And put the tailgate down

She thought back to a week ago, she was stretching the truth to some girls she knows
And now she thinks she might make all those stories come true
Just a little sooner than she wanted to

The whole world is full of curious girls
The whole world is full of curious girls

Verse 2
Her Momma’s still awake
When he drops her off at home that night
She smiles at her mother
And heads to bed before she starts to cry

She cries in her pillow so no one can hear, soaks that pillow wet with tears
She blames herself for starting things tonight
That went a little further than she liked


All she can do is pray
That this will only be a painful memory some day


The whole world, is full of curious girls