Russell August Stanziale - Singer, Songerwriter - Atlanta, GA
Russ Stanziale at Rearview Record Company, Atlanta, GA
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Lyrics for "Headlights and Taillights"

Verse 1
I left my friends in Savannah; I had to get back to my job in Atlanta
I bought a twelve pack of PBR, to keep me company in the car
You know I should have quit drinking in Macon, but I still had four beers to go
I should have quit drinking at Union City, but I still had to two beers to go

The truck changed lanes in front of me, I heard the tires squeal
I figured the Lord didn’t give a damn, so I kept my own hands on the wheel
The Lord had saved my life before, and I swore I’d change my ways
But as I’m bettin’ you’re guessin’ the Lord learned a lesson ‘bout how quickly my promises fade

Well my head was spinning and so was my car
There were beer cans flying like bees in a jar
And the noise they made as they banged one another
Well they sound like a tambourine
There were headlights and taillights
Spinning in circles of red and white at midnight

Verse 2
I asked the nurse to bring my guitar to the bed
The case was cracked, but my guitar was still intact
But my body, didn’t turn out quite so well
The doctor told me yesterday, my chances looked like hell

[Repeat Chorus]


I looked in the rearview mirror and saw nothin’ at all