Russell August Stanziale - Singer, Songerwriter - Atlanta, GA
Russ Stanziale at Rearview Record Company, Atlanta, GA
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Lyrics for "You Can Hear the Old Men Cry"

Verse 1
All the old pine trees
Grow tall in my memories
Well, they’re never as close as they seem
But the fescue and clover the pines tower over
Still mark the path to my sleep and my dreams

Oh, when the daylight fades,
And the moon hangs drunk in a warm sky,
From somewhere far away
You can hear the old men cry

Verse 2
Love lost forever
Seldom surrenders
Its pain to the long march of time
Buried away, below red Georgia clay
But she still remains on my mind


It’s no secret
What waits at the end of the road
But the pain we collect on the way
Comes circling back in our final days
And that’s why, yeah that’s why, that’s why the old men cry

Verse 4
What makes that Georgia clay
So red anyway
Was it kissed by the sun when the world was still young
Or did Calgary blood redden this mud
‘Cause the Lord knew the South would need to be saved