Russell August Stanziale - Singer, Songerwriter - Atlanta, GA
Russ Stanziale at Rearview Record Company, Atlanta, GA
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Lyrics for "There Goes My Halo"

Verse 1
She says, she says that I’m her angel
But I think I might be just like those boys I hang around
I fear, that sin is contagious
And I’ve caught something now
That’s gonna’ bring this angel down

Uh oh, Uh oh
There goes my halo
Oh no, she knows
There goes my halo

Verse 2
An angel like me ain’t supposed to have a wild side
But it may be the only, the only side I have
I know… that running round was outrageous
But I can only pray
That she will take this fallen angel back one day


I think she saw me, in a different light than others see
If I could only see myself that way
I’d still be with her today