Russell August Stanziale - Singer, Songerwriter - Atlanta, GA
Russ Stanziale at Rearview Record Company, Atlanta, GA
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Lyrics for "Thin Air"

Intro and Verse 1
I get off the elevator,
Straighten up my clip-on tie
There’s my cube down in the corner
I must belong here ‘cause my name is on the little plastic sign

I run down to my cube and stand up on my chair
I can see everyone in every cube in here
They’re sorted into what they do by birth and work and aptitude
And whatever their ambition leads them to

Into the thin air
That’s where they’ll disappear
They sit at their computers and stare
And vanish into the thin air

Verse 2

l'll bet the folks that work up here are torn between
What the day demands and what they dream
Pay the bills or feed their souls
I’m sure that everybody here they know
There’s no way to walk the middle road


Nobody’s life is pre-arranged
They can roll the dice and see how life could change

Yeah, nothing shakes the soul
Like knowing it could go
Way beyond the places it already knows